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Shawna Pickinpaugh

Art is an integral part of my life; it continually pulls and stretches me in new and exciting directions.  No matter what is going on in my life, I constantly feel the need to make art, teach art, see art, and learn more about art.  It is the way I relate to the world.


I was born and raised in Wyoming. As a child, I spent every summer at a family cabin in the Wind River Mountains. I feel the time spent in this amazing place has shaped my art and how I view the world.  It is my hope that when others see my work they can take a piece of the Wind River Range with them. 

I have always considered myself a painter, however, over the years, I have gravitated to ceramics, because I love to produce and see instant results. I have a passion for surface decoration and enjoy painting and carving. 


I have been experimenting with a new medium called Quink. I am using watercolor techniques with Quink and have been excited about the dramatic effects I am getting in my paintings.


As an art educator I have had experience teaching painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, stained glass, sculpture and digital art. Experience with all of these mediums has made me realize the endless possibilities that lay before me. I hope you continue to appreciate my work and look forward to what I create next! 

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